The Client listed in the booking is hiring for 360 Photo Lab services described in this contract.



A $50 deposit payment is due to secure your date at the time of reservation, your date will not be reserved without a deposit payment due to the volume of bookings and customized framing for photos on the 360 Booth.



In the event, the reserved date of your event needs to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances such as: inclement weather, illness, or Coronavirus pandemic, we will work with you to secure a new date up to 90 days out from the original date. Refunds will not be issued due to our policy.



•A valid credit card must be kept on file. The credit card will be used for damages to equipment, missing items (props), or any further damages that would require repair or replacement of equipment.


•Credit Card Payments - Payments will be made online and client(s) will receive a emailed receipt of payment confirmation once deposit and rental is paid in full.



•Damaged Items – The 360 Photo Lab team will take photos after setting up prior to the event and before breaking down the 360 Photo Booth from your event. 

•In the event damages occur, photos of damages will be submitted as proof upon request.  Damages will be charged the following day on the credit card on file.

•$500 structure damage (damage to structure/frame or metal arm) from moving base after setup (not permitted), breaking lights, damaging props, removing iPad or iPhone from structure, individuals or objects at the event hitting or falling into structure including leaning, bouncing, jumping, or forcefully pushing mechanical arm against structure will result in payment for damages.



•We will deliver, set up, take down, 360 Photo Booth. DO NOT disassemble the rental or attempt to move structure, props, or lights associated with the photo booth. This is to prevent damage to the 360 Booth and accessories which can result in damage fees and for the personal safety of you and your guests.

•If the client, will not be available during delivery, it is your responsibility to coordinate with the venue/event coordinator/party planner to ensure all items are delivered and set up in the correct location. Once the 360 Photo Booth l is in place, it will not be moved.

•The client, venue representative, or coordinator will be required to sign a hard copy of the terms and conditions after setup in person in addition to this contract.



•360 Photo Lab will not issue refunds for any reason, including inclement weather.  The team will not set up photo booths outside under any circumstances, INDOOR SETUP

 ONLY. Should inclement weather (tornados/floods) or high winds become an issue, 360 Photo Lab reserves the right to refuse or release such rental. We will work with the client to reschedule the rental within 90 days of the event date, for the safety of all parties involved.



By signing this agreement, the client gives authorization to 360 Photo Lab to utilize the photos at your event on our website, advertisements, materials, social media, etc.



All order/service changes must be emailed to: to avoid any confusion. Please do not send direct messages through social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Changes must be submitted in writing via email 14 business days prior to the event. 



Please be aware that once the contract is signed electronically (during booking) while submitting your reservation, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date; and thus all payments are non-refundable if you need to change your event date. Please contact us 30 business days prior to your event and we will work with you to reschedule your event within 90 days to a new date pending availability.



•No services contained in this contract will be rendered, delivered, or available if 360 Photo Lab is not paid in full 14 business days prior to your event.

•No payments will be accepted after five days of invoice being sent via email due to high volume of request. No exceptions.

•If payment is not received in a timely manner (five days), 360 Photo Lab will consider your rented items and services available for another client’s use. 360 Photo Lab is not contractually obligated to accept payments beyond the due date. The team will schedule another client’s event on your event date if we have been unsuccessful in contacting you or obtaining a response regarding payment within five business days after the 14-business day final payment deadline. We will attempt to contact the client using all phone numbers and email addresses provided on file. The client will not receive a notice in the mail.